Belgian Cocoa E-Liquid Review

As vaping and e-cigarettes become more and more popular a wide variety of interesting flavors are popping up left and right. Belgian Cocoa by Halo Cigs is one of the more noteworthy flavors to come out as of late and is prominently featured in the Halo Cigs online store – Let’s take a closer look at this e-liquid flavor and see if it measures up in terms of flavor and experience.

A New Kind of Cocoa

Chocolate flavored e-liquids are nothing new. They’ve been around long enough to become a big time favorite of those who want something different than the standard tobacco flavored liquids and people who just like a sweeter taste in general.

The Belgian Cocoa e-liquid by Halo Cigs breaks the mold and brings something new to the table. Instead of an overly sweet flavor typical of most chocolate flavored liquids, this blend downplays the sweetness slightly allowing it to be smoked continuously without getting sick to your stomach or quickly tiring of the flavor.

The flavor itself is noted for being quite robust and featuring dry cocoa undertones. It has also been noted for its sweet chocolate top note though the blend is made to somewhat downplay the overall sweetness as previously mentioned. In addition to this the blend also offers a nice throat hit and very good vapor production.

What People are Saying

Halo cigs couponThe Belgian Cocoa e-liquid has been getting a lot of positive feed back on Halo Cigs. People compliment the taste comparing it to dry chocolate powder and praise it’s balance of flavor. Others enjoy the throat hit and mention that it is their go-to e-liquid when vaping all day.

Also of note is the fact that many people claim this is their favorite flavor of e-liquor period and that it is great for anyone with a sweet-tooth. Some even report that smoking this liquid is preferable to eating actual chocolate.


Like all of Halo Cigs products their Belgian Cocoa E-Liquid comes in several varietals. For starters you can get either a 7ml bottle or a 30ml bottle. In addition to this you can also choose the level of nicotine you get in it as well from no nicotine all the way up to 24mg/ml depending on what you need.


Overall Belgian Cocoa is looking to be a very nice premium quality e-liquid from Halo Cigs. The fact that it manages to blend just the right amount of sweetness to allow you to vape it all day without getting sick of it is a major perk and really helps to set this flavor apart from other chocolate flavored e-liquids.

That being said the final score for the Halo Cigs Belgian Cocoa E-Liquid is a 5/5. Chocolate flavored e-liquids just don’t get any better than this.