Chandler Leisure

What to Do and See in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona is certainly no slouch in the activities department. If you’re lucky enough to be in Chandler, you’ll have no problems with fun. It’s a bright Arizona city that has plenty of options available to visitors and to residents alike. There are many memorable and notable destinations in Chandler proper. There are quite a few strong destinations located just outside of the city as well. If you want to blow off steam with buddies and family members, you can go to AMF Chandler Lanes on North Arizona Avenue for the day. This bowling alley has 32 lanes in total. It even has exhilarating arcade games and a nice bar.

Are you a major history buff? You’ll have nothing to complain about in Chandler. If you take the time to visit the city’s historic district, you’ll be able to check out a good number of older structures that were constructed decades and decades ago. Chandler can be an amazing site for people who love blasts from the past.



Downtown Chandler is a big draw for people in the region who are looking for relaxation and ease. The downtown area has a quaint atmosphere that’s sure to keep you enthralled for hours. Its paths are chock-full of trellises. Its lanterns have vintage vibes that are pleasing and distinctive. The downtown area is perfect for people who like to do a lot of walking and exploring. There are so many notable spots as well. If you visit downtown, you can see City Hall, first of all. You can visit quirky art galleries, trendy boutiques and tasty dining establishments. People who admire the sheer power of nature often cannot deny Chandler. If you have a young family, you’ll have the time of your life taking a look at the city’s many options in top-quality parks. It actually has 60 plus parks, believe it or not. It has community parks that are on the smaller side. It, at the same time, has massive regional parks that are the sites of big events of all kinds.

Prominent parks that are located in Chandler include Tumbleweed Park, Amberwood Park, Fox Crossing Park, Windmills West Park, Park Manors Park and Arrowhead Meadows Park. These parks frequently provide visitors with nice recreational activity options, too. It doesn’t matter if you like tennis, brisk walks, swimming or anything else. Chandler is a great place to get and stay physically fit for life.